Friday Satsang





Once again we meet on the coming Friday for our much awaited weekly Satsang.

Same time & Place, lets be in memory of our beloved Master and meditate.

Sri M said…

Friends this I am putting a few of the messages by Sri M, together. In fact they form a beautiful garland in a sequence.


Perception is always relative, it’s comparative. You can only compare. There is no absolute perception.


Vedanta says ‘yes the object exists, of course, but it may not be a cube or a globe or a cone or a rectangle or what you think it is because whatever you think, it is always the result of your relative perceptions.’


‘What is!’, nobody knows or nobody can know because the senses, the sensory organs or the sensory instruments which are used to know an object are themselves imperfect and relative and, therefore, nothing can be known in its absolute content.


Your opinions, your perceptions, your ideas, your images, they are all relative. They are not absolute. But certainly, some thing exists and that which actually exists cannot be found by the sensory organs.


Can the Truth be found through the mind? Vedanta says ‘Well! All that the mind can do is conceive of it or try to conceive it. It can have an idea, a faint idea of it. Beyond that, even the mind fails to understand the real substance of the universe.’


Vedanta also says that the real substance of the universe, is the same everywhere. In you and outside you. And that substance cannot even be found by the mind. Then, if it cannot be found by the mind, what is the use of seeking or exploring?


Vedanta says, ‘when the mind understands, its inability to reach out and find it, finally rests or lets go; surrenders; becomes still and quiet naturally, not forcibly – then, when the mind and the senses have ceased their function – peacefully, tranquilly – in that tranquility and absolute stillness and quietness, there is, what is actually there.

Part Percetion

(Photo was not part of the message by Sri M and is added)


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Master in Dubai

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Sri M said

Suppose our instrument of perception, in this case the eye, is made like a telescope or a microscope, our view of the universe would be entirely different. The cube that you see before you will be different. The shape may be different, the view may be different. What you see is entirely dependent upon your instruments of perception, in this case, the eye.

SHIVARATRI with SRI M at Madanapalle

You are invited to attend Shivaratri with Sri M in Madanapalle on March 10, 2013.
Detail Schedule is as follows:;

1. Date and Venue
Date: 10th March 2013
Venue: The Satsang Foundation, Madanapalle ,AP
Registered Participants can reach the venue from 11:00am onwards

2. Accommodation
Two types of accommodation are made available at the venue.
1. Dormitory – class rooms converted as dorm
2. Guest /House/Rooms – for Senior Citizen only on sharing basis.

3. Food
South Indian Food Style : Lunch &  Dinner on 10th March and  Breakfast on 11th Morning

4. Charges:
a. Rs 300/- per person with food – without accomodation

b. Rs 400/- per person for dorm + Food  – as described above.

c.Rs.500/- per person for Guestroom + Food.

5. Registration
Registration on first come first served basis. Please mail to Mr.Satyen Kamat:

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6. Payment
At the Venue to Mr.Ravindran (Satsang Office)

For any detailed information please get in touch with Mr.Satyen Kamat at the above email ID.

Sri M Said

‘Viveka’ means ‘intelligence’ – reasoning and trying to understand, what is permanent, and what is not permanent. And ‘Vichara’ is ‘thinking about it’ – if this is not permanent, then what is permanent? Or – to put it in an extreme form – is there anything permanent at all?