Mind and Its Movement


Ancient Scriptures and their Relevance to Contemporary Life


We have beliefs, we have hypothesis, we have dogmas and we are full of speculations. Having read this or that book about what truth or God is, our mind is restless astonishingly!

A mind that is full of knowledge is restless! It is not quiet, it is only burdened and mere heaviness does not indicate a still mind.

When the mind is full of belief, either believing that there is God or that there is no God, it is burdened and a burdened mind can never find out what truth IS.

To find out what is true, the mind must be free. Free of rituals, of beliefs, of dogmas, knowledge and experience. It is only then that the mind can realize that which is true, because such a mind is quiet.

It no longer has the movement of going out or…

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Sri M Said…

We have not changed. You see – the way of doing things has been polished and perfected. That’s what intellectual life has taken us to. There are other good things – we have found medicines for diseases; but we haven’t found medicines for the disease of ignorance. And the disease of misery – That nobody has found yet.

Sri M said…

The Buddhists say, ‘One who has walked across’ – paraa gati – ‘one who has gone beyond’; such a person is called ‘Bodhi’. One who has the ‘bodh’. ‘Paraa gati paraa sangati bodhi swaha’ – ‘May I also be like that Bodhi’.

Sri M said…

Don’t think that the spiritual teacher should be like this….if he’s not like this, then he is not a spiritual teacher. This is not true because there may be many reasons for which a spiritual Master may be acting in a different way, which you realise only by moving with the person. Therefore, it is very important to move with the teacher for some time. ‘Move with the teacher’ meaning ‘to live with the teacher’ at least for some time and then to interact with the teacher to find these things out.

Sri M said

The relationship between the teacher and the taught….first of all when a person begins to look for a spiritual teacher there are certain things which we have to be very careful about. One, I have already mentioned that if a spiritual teacher says that, ‘you are a wonderful person, you are an angel; you are the greatest thing on earth…’ then you have to suspect that spiritual teacher because he is only flattering you; he is not taking you anywhere. You have come to change; you have come to find out; do you want to remain where you are in that same image and be pampered and flattered?