Upcoming Event Announcements

Sri M with Mr. President of India

(Sri M met recently Mr. Pranob Mukharjee, President of India)

Talk on The Valmiki Ramayan (Chennai, in English)

The Satsang Foundation

cordially invites you for talks by

Sri M

on The Valmiki Ramayan (in English)

Date: October 1-7, 2013; 6:00 – 8:00 PM daily

Venue: The Museum Theatre, The Government Museum, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008.

All are welcome! (Do please be seated by 5:45 PM)




 Registration for 2 day workshop with Sri M in Delhi

Topics “What is Meditation?” & “The importance of the Upanishads”
Venue: “ZORBA THE BUDDHA” (an exclusive resort)
Address : 7, Tropical Drive, Ghittorni, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, New Delhi 30
On : 21st & 22nd OCT 2013



Talk on Akshara Brahma Yoga (Gita Ch 8)

Sri M
will speak on
Akshara Brahma Yoga (8th Chapter of the Gita)

Discourse at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore, on the 4th, 5th and 6th November 2013
Time: 6.30 pm (Please be seated by 6.00 PM)

All are Welcome
Details of Sri M’s Birthday celebration on Nov 6th – evening, after the Talks will be announced shortly



Retreat with Sri M at PGS, Sadum

Announcing the dates for the SATSANG – PGS Retreat with SRI M at SADUM, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh:

Retreat with Sri M, at The Peepal Grove School, Sadum, Chittor District, A.P. starts on Fri (5.30 PM), 20th December 2013 and ends on Mon (8.00 AM) 23rd December 2013.

Registration for the Retreat will start on Oct 20th 2013 (10.00 AM) onwards. Registration Details and other Details about the Retreat will be announced shortly.



Satsang Ramanthalli Island Retreat

For details check


Sri M Said

When I enjoy something sweet – for example fresh jalebis. Although I enjoy, the enjoyment  wells up when my tongue or the sense organ touches the jalebi. The enjoyment is not in the jalebi or in the tongue, it’s in me. A certain enjoyment wells up in me. The yogic theory is that the source of all enjoyment, the reservoir of all happiness is within us. The spark of the Divine which is called Sat-Chid- Ananda.

Sri M Said….

Babaji used to say, ‘The seeds have been planted, it has been sown but no seed will become a tree and give fruit in three days, it has its own time’. So sow the seed, keep the climate clear, water it properly and then we’ll see what happens.

Sri M Said…

The whole science of meditation is a way to go beyond or to go deeper than the surface of the mind, explore the deeper recesses and come up with greater abilities and greater understanding so much so that the mind realizes compared to what it was accustomed to, it has almost reached an infinite height.

Sri M Said…

There is a story in Shiva Purana about Kamadeva – the god of love. Kama actually can best be translated as desire, could be any desire – sensuous, non sensuous. Kamadeva, shoots arrows of flowers at us, and even the Gods can fall under his power.Kamadeva, poor guy, once went to Shiva and tried to shoot his arrows of desire on Him. Shiva, the mighty lord of the yogis, who had conquered all desire and who was supreme and peaceful, is supposed to have just opened his third eye – which is the eye of knowledge – and Kamadeva was burnt to ashes in no time.Which means that when the third eye or the center, which is known as the agna chakra is activated or opened, which happens when the kundalini energy reaches the ajna chakra, then the mind understands the reality behind all illusion. Therefore all illusions are burnt to ashes.Which means also that one arrives and achieves supreme satisfaction and unlimited bliss and happiness and therefore has no other desire left. That therefore happens when the kundalini reaches the ajna chakra, which is the last but one.

Sri M Said….



The rising of the kundalini therefore is the rising of consciousness from the gross to the subtle, the subtler and subtler levels until It reaches the highest stage in the sahasrara chakra and the yogi enters into a deep trance which is an altered state of consciousness.


The yogis say that the joining or the crossing together, the sangam of the Varuna river and the Asi rivers – which are the ida and pingala at the brumadhya, which is called the ajna chakra , which is the center between theeyebrows – is what is known as the holy city of Varanasi. The meeting place of the Varuna and the Asi rivers.


According to the tantras, Shiva – the supreme being – resides on the sahasrara chakra, with his legs let down and touching the brumadhya or the center between the eyebrows.  The point at which the sushumna enters thesahasrara chakra is known, in the tantras, as the ‘Bramharandra’, which means the hole or the gateway to Brahman, the supreme being.

It is interesting to note that the bramharandra – if you compare with present day anatomy – sort of coincides with what is known as the center of the limbic system, where the pituitary gland, the amygdala, the thalamus and so on,  exists in the brain. Almost the center of the brain!


The ecstasy that one experiences when the sexual energies are gathered together and made to awaken theKundalini and when that kundalini reaches the Sahasrara chakra which is at the crown of the head, is a multiple orgasm which no human being has experienced anywhere down below in any one of his lower centers.


When the sleeping energy – the great Kundalini is awakened by resorting to the proper means, guided by a proper teacher, then it awakens and begins to move up the Sushumna channel , touching six centers as it ascends, until it reaches the topmost center, which is known as the thousand petalled lotus – the Sahasrara Chakra which is actually located at the crown of the head , on the crown of the head and when the Kundalini energy reaches there , then It merges with the supreme reality who is called – Shivam and when both are merged , the Yogi enters Samadhi or a high super conscious state, where he realizes his own identity with the divine all pervading supremely blissful being.


There are two more symbols of Shiva which are very, very important. One is the snake,which is around His neck, and that snake represents wisdom. In some ancient religions snakes have always represented wisdom, especiallythe ones with the hood. You’ll see it in the headdress of the Egyptian Pharoahs, who followed a wisdom religion. Thesnake also is the symbol of the Kundalini, which remains inactive in most people but resides in all human systems, and the level of wisdom and higher consciousness that a person ascends to is when this energy uncoils itself and moves upwards.


The real Soma is that which the yogi feels when his energies or, when his consciousness ascends to the highest center in the human body. That is Soma – and it really intoxicates you, so much so, that you don’t need to go to a bar ever! Shiva is the carrier of that Soma so He is called Somashekhara


Those sages who are desirous of offspring – who want their glory to continue on this Earth, even after they are gone – take the southern route. Because, their aim is to be happy in this world and to leave their offspring to be happy in this world after they have gone. This is the path most ancestors have followed and this is the path of material well being. This is the path of coming back, again and again to this world.

Moving up and down the spine is Mukhya Prana, the Supreme energy. In yogic terms, it is the movement of theaspiration, thought, concentration and energy towards (either) the higher side or the lower side.

When it goes down it leads to material wellbeing. When it goes up, it goes, it leads to Spiritual wellbeing.


When one has reached the Sun – the spiritual Sun, that is eternal and fearless – one does not have to come back into this world of sorrow. That is the final goal.


The theory of tantra is that the sexual energy which you know, for all human beings – given food and shelter – is themost enjoyable experience. It is that same energy – the sexual energy – which is sublimated to travel up in theupward direction, instead of the downward direction.


The limbic system is that which takes care of our feelings. If the limbic system didn’t work we would have no feelings. Therefore, in the raising or awakening of the Kundalini, emotion or feeling plays as much part as thetechnique of pranayama and the chanting of the mantras. According to the tantrics, any feeling which is very deep can in some way awaken the kundalini.