The Sower and the Reaper


The Sower

One day, as the reaper went about his daily business of reaping what someone else had sown, he saw a man off in the far distance. Hoping against hope that today might be that long awaited special day, he said a silent prayer and took off running in the man’s direction, dropping his sickle as he went. He never noticed that the plants were getting smaller and less mature along the way. He was too caught up in the moment and the hope that he had that today would be the day that he had waited for all his life. After what seemed like an eternity, the reaper finally reached the man and as he caught his breath he saw for the first time what the other man had been doing all this time. He would reach into a large sack at his side and pull out what appeared to…

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A meeting point in Bangalore

On 6th Nov ’13, Sri M inaugurated a small Kutiya at the Sarva Dharma Kendra, for him to stay and meet people, when in Bangalore.


This is one of the first structures to come up here. In the near future, it will have places of worship for all the major religions in India, along with a central meditation hall and a library.

In January of 2011, together with Dr. Karan Singh and Justice M. N. Venkatachalaiah, Sri M had laid the foundation stone for the first Sarva Dharma Kendra located at Somanahalli on Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

Sri M has envisioned more such Kendras at different places across India to be meeting places for people from different faiths, to help facilitate inter-faith harmony and peaceful co-existence.


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Sri M’s programme at Kottayam

Sir is visiting Kottayam on 12/12/2013, Thursday. His programmes include

  • 10.30am-12noon – Talk at Baselios College Kottayam, Organized by School of Gandhian Thought, M.G University Kottayam
    • Topic : “Spiritual essence of the teachings of Jesus Christ; teachings for all human beings”
  • 3.30pm-4.30pm – Satsang – an interactive session with Sir
  • 5pm – 7.30pm – Bhajans, Public function and talk by Sir
    • Topic: “ Many religions, One humanity”
    • Venue: KPS Menon Hall ( Near Kottayam Public Library)

All are cordially invited to attend the functions.

Contact numbers

  • Mrs Sajini Jacob – 09446124928
  • Dr Rajani – 09495165685
  • Dr Lekshmi – 09446065454

Sri M Said

In fact, the very teachings of Buddha was freedom from sorrow for all mankind. So sorrow is central. Without having sorrow, how do you get free of it? One doesen’t even think of getting free from it. And any attempt to be free of sorrow and pain is an attempt at finding out the Truth. So every every sorrow is a blessing.

The Explorer



The explorer returned to his people, who were eager to know about the Amazon. But how could he ever put into words the feelings that flooded his heart when he saw exotic flowers and heard the night-sounds of the forests; when he sensed the danger of wild beasts or paddled his canoe over treacherous rapids?

He said, “Go and find out for yourselves.”

To guide them he drew a map of the river.

They pounced upon the map.

They framed it in their Town Hall.

They made copies of it for themselves.

And all who had a copy considered themselves experts on the river, for did they not know it’s every turn and bend, how brood it was, how deep, where the rapids were and where the falls were?

But no one took the journey. No one wanted to experience the journey themselves!


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