Sri M Said..

The other thing that one can do is to sit down on New Year’s eve, take a piece of paper, and note down point by point – the characteristics and habits that we find in ourselves and which we think are negative and which need to be overcome and changed. Note them down and then, carefully, in the morning as you wake up to a new dawn, go through this again and begin to implement ways and means to get free of the negative tendencies. It can be done! The only way to get rid of negativity is to bring in positivity. You can’t remove negativity by keeping on thinking about it. You can replace it with positive thinking.

Rendezvous with SRI M – UAE Retreat 2014


Sri M

Outline of Master’s Visit to UAE

Master Arrives in Dubai on 30th January 2014 and goes straight to Retreat venue in Al Ain.

30th January 2014 is a informal interaction day with Master for retreat participants.

On 31st January 2014, retreat officially begins. Outlines of retreat will be given in another post.

3rd February 2014, Master leaves retreat venue and goes Manav Bhawan, Al Nahda, Dubai where he will stay for the rest of the trip.

One to One meetings with Master will be scheduled and announced here, as they are finalized.

Everyday there will be a morning meditation at 6:30 am and evening meditation at 6 pm. All are invited to join us. Timing is subject to change. Pls look for another specific announcement closer to Master’s visit.

On 4th February 2014 evening, One and only, Public Talk by Master will take place. Details will be posted separately for the event.

On 5th February 2014, we have scheduled a Kids session with Master. Details will be posted separately for the event.

On 6th February 2014 evening Master leave from UAE to India.

Please note, the program is subject to change and will be notified on this blog.

Manav Bhawan Location Map

location map


Address: Apt No 105, First Floor, Shaikh Khalifa Building, Al Nahda, Dubai. (Road Behind Zuleikha Hospital, third left where you see Shams Super Market, Building next on the right, G+4, beige color is the building). It is a normal residential building, it does not have any name put on it.

You can locate the place by going to

Put the below coordinate in the search bar and click on the image. It will show you the location.


Hope this helps.

Sri M Said…

A Guru was talking to a disciple, and he was explaining to him the importance of sound, of mantras, of words. The disciple listened for a while and then said – “All that maybe true Guruji, but what difference does it make? I say… So what!?” Then the Guru said, “You bloody fool!” The disciple got very angry and agitated – “You are calling me a fool?” The guru said, “What did I do? I just said a four-letter word. I didn’t touch you. I didn’t poke you with anything – with any instrument. I just said a word and why does it affect you so much that you flew into a rage and (are) almost on the verge of killing me?” That is the importance of a word! So, watch yourself. Be careful of what you say. Make sure it does not hurt.

Sri M Said…

Mula – which means ‘root’; Adhara means ‘foundation, support’ – basic support. So, if you translate the word roughly, it would mean ‘root support’ or ‘root foundation’. This means that ‘somewhere’, the Energy, after doing all its work, has now settled down, and that Center, where it resides, is what is called Muladhara.

Sri M Said…

This Energy operates within the Seven Centres which are in the human psyche. It starts with the lowest one at the end of the spine, which is called the Muladhara Chakra, and goes up through to the other six Centres, with the last one at the cerebrum called Sahasrar Chakra – ‘thousand– petaled–lotus’. The idea is that the Energy is activated from the Muladhara Chakra, which is the lowest, the ‘root–support’ – and is slowly guided up through the spine, which is the Sushumna – up, Chakra by Chakra, Center by Center, until It reaches the top of the head, at the Sahasrara Chakra.

Sri M Said…

Energy, after It has done all Its work of creation, preservation and destruction – still remains the same, which is not possible when we think of any other kind of energy. We work and we feel tired. We say, “..some of my energy is lost.” But here, the whole Cosmos is spun out of this Energy, which keeps working and yet this Energy remains unaltered, not tired, but absolutely Full.