WoH Introduction Video Clip

The introductory short film intends to convey the concept and objectives of Walk of Hope (WOH) to the target audience. Shot at the picturesque Hesaraghatta in the outskirts of Bangalore, the film will be used for varied purposes—to introduce WOH to the volunteers and organisers, as a curtain raiser at press conferences related to WOH, to be disseminated across social media platforms and be prominently featured on WOH and Manav Ekta Mission websites. Currently in English, the film will be dubbed further into Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi.
(Post Content courtesy Pallavi Verma)

Invitation to register for Guru Purnima 2014


Sri Gurubhyo Namaha !

The Gurupurnima celebrations are scheduled on Saturday, 12th July, 2014.

All are welcome to be in the benign presence of Sri M.

Registrations start on  Monday the 12th May and ends on Thursday the 12th June 2014

Program details will be announced later along with all other relevant information.

Venue : The Satsang Foundation Campus, Madanapalle

Participation fee per person

Option A [Without accommodation]- Rs.1000/- Includes Vegetarian food comprising of Lunch, snacks with Tea [evening] & Dinner on 12th July [Saturday] AND  morning tea , Breakfast with tea on 13th July [Sunday]

Option B-[With accommodation] Rs.1250/- Includes everything under Option A above anddormitory accommodation [Classrooms converted into Dorms] at venue on Saturday, 12th July, 2014- one night only

One of the above registrations is necessary for participating in the Gurupurnima Celebrations.

In case you want your driver to be served food at the venue, kindly register him in Option A. Option B is not available for drivers due to limited availability of dorms.

Accommodation at Venue

Dormitory accommodation is provided in Satsang Vidyalaya classrooms

ACCOMODATION AT THE VENUE OPENS ONLY on 12th July [Saturday] morning and is upto 13th July [Sunday] morning only.

One mattress and two bed sheets per participant will be provided. Kindly bring air-pillow and mosquito repellent. Separate common Toilets/Baths provided for Women  and  Men


Kindly register by sending following details [separately for each participant/driver] togurupurnimasatsang@gmail.com

Sri M Said…

I’d say that when I use the word meditation it includes the word introspection. You can’t meditate without introspection. Now when I say Introspection, it means give complete attention to something. To an idea or to a form or to an icon or to an image or even to a sound. To give complete attention or what you call ‘shraddha‘ – the complete attention to something. That is known as introspection, which means one is exclusively thinking and unravelling the different layers of one’s own mind.

Power Yoga at Manav Bhawan

Dear Friends

As you may be aware that session of Power Yoga is being conducted by Mr. Mahesh Vaidya at Manav Bhawan at 10:30 every Friday. Mr. Mahesh has created a video for benefit of all, who attend his session and beyond.

Joint rotation Start to  5:58

Power Yoga sequence 1-  5:58  to 15:46

Power Yoga Sequence 2-  15.46 to 21.46

Power Yoga Sequence 3 -21.46 to 28.31

Power Yoga Sequence 4 -28.31 to 32.33 (Might be Difficult)

Traditional Hatha Yoga 32.33 to 55.44 (Some Might be Difficult)

Pranayama/Breathing eexercises 55.44 to end

We thank him for all his efforts and dedication to share his knowledge & passion with us.

Shree Gurubhyo Namah: