Power Yoga at Manav Bhawan

Dear Friends

As you may be aware that session of Power Yoga is being conducted by Mr. Mahesh Vaidya at Manav Bhawan at 10:30 every Friday. Mr. Mahesh has created a video for benefit of all, who attend his session and beyond.

Joint rotation Start to  5:58

Power Yoga sequence 1-  5:58  to 15:46

Power Yoga Sequence 2-  15.46 to 21.46

Power Yoga Sequence 3 -21.46 to 28.31

Power Yoga Sequence 4 -28.31 to 32.33 (Might be Difficult)

Traditional Hatha Yoga 32.33 to 55.44 (Some Might be Difficult)

Pranayama/Breathing eexercises 55.44 to end

We thank him for all his efforts and dedication to share his knowledge & passion with us.

Shree Gurubhyo Namah:


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