The Walk of Hope 2015 flag-off Ceremony


Dear friend,

As you are aware, the Manav Ekta Mission is organizing the Walk of Hope—a padayatra for peace and harmony from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 2015. Led by Sri M, The Walk of Hope is an exercise to restore the innate spirituality of the nation—rekindling true faith and rejuvenating the spirit of hope, love, peace, harmony and oneness.

Manav Ekta Mission invites your esteemed presence to the flag-off ceremony to be held on 12 January 2015, at Manav Ekta Maidan, Zero Point, Kanyakumari. 12 January is also the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a great prophet of interfaith harmony.

The flag-off ceremony will feature bhajans, invocation, inter-faith prayers, theme songs and also addresses by Sri M and other dignitaries including the Chief Guest, Dr. Karan Singh. Prior to the flag-off ceremony, Sri M will visit the Vivekananda Rock to garland the statue of the great seer.

Flag-off Ceremony Timeline

9:30 am : Bhajans by Sri. Kanta Prasad Mishra & Sri.Prahlad Tipanya

11:00 am onwards:

  • Invocation
    ● Brief Introduction of the Walk of Hope 2015-16 in English
    ● Brief Introduction of the Walk of Hope 2015-16 in Tamil
    ● Felicitations by Guests of Honor
    ● Address by Sri M
    ● Address by Chief Guest Dr. Karan Singh
    ● Interfaith Prayers – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Bahai Faith,Judaism, Zoroastrianism
    ● Vote of Thanks

01: 00 pm: Lunch Break

02: 15 pm onwards:

  • Songs by Sri. Krishna Das
    ● Theme Songs of the Walk of Hope 2015-16 – Akash Chopra & Aisha Ali
    ● Sri M along with the Guests of Honor garland the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the venue
    ● Guests of Honor and Special Invitees hand over Manav Ekta Mission flags to Sri M
    ● Chief Guest hands over the National flag to Sri M

03: 00 pm National Anthem

03:05 pm The Padayatra begins



WALK OF HOPE, DAY 1 | January 12, 2015

Starting Time: 03: 05 pm

Starting Point: Zero Point, NH 7, Kanyakumari

Finishing Point: Pottaiyadi

Distance: 8.5 Kms

Dress Code

Men –      Top in white colour (Kurta, Shirt or Tshirt)

                 Bottom – Any colour (Pyjama, Jeans, Trousers) 

Women – Top in white colour (Kurta, Saree, Kameez, Shirt )

                 Bottom – Any colour ( Pyjama, Jeans, Trousers, Churidhar, Salwar)


Please visit for further information. Your presence and support at the flag-off ceremony will go a long way towards ensuring the Walk achieves its extraordinary objectives.


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