Lets connect

Hello friends, we are attempting to skype with Master today at 10:30 UAE time. Thanks to Vijay, who is trying to put this together. Those interested must gather at Manav Bhawan by 1015 Dubai time. Sri Gurubhyo Namah

Walk of Hope – Presentation

Countdown began much earlier. One month to the D day.

We will be doing a presentation tomorrow 12-12-14,  at manav bhavan on walk of hope and share the 6 point charter that is being  promoted. We would like to encourage more people to come out and support the cause but WE need to know first, before we can tell others . Do make it to manav bhavan if possible. SGN

Sri M’s Birthday – 6th Nov 14 – Dubai




Date: Thursday 6th November 2014

Occasion: Master’s Birthday

Venue : Manav Bhawan,  Apt No 105, Shaikh Khalifa Building, Behind Zuleikha Hospital, Al Nahda, Dubai.

Venue locationhttps://srimwithus.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/manav-bhawan-location-map/

GPS Coordinates: 25°17’39.9″N 55°23’03.7″E

 Timing: Starting at Sharp 19:00 hrs and expect it to end in 2 hours

Plan : Pray – Sing – Eat (ya I know it sound familiar 🙂

Option 1: You can bring something that you love to eat as offering. Post prayer, we will share.

Option 2: Test your vocal chords with us.

Option 3: Do you play some musical instrument? Bring it on.

Please share with friends and family, in case they are not registered to receive this email and apologies if you are receiving it multiple times ( You must have used 1 email id for more than 1 person)

Late comers will be disturbing the people who reach on time and are meditating. Sorry, I had to be specific.

See you all. Please note its 1900.


Sri Gurubhyo Namah:

Blood Donation Camp


blood donation


Similar to every year, this year too we have Blood Donation Camp organized under patronage of Captain Ramchandran Foundation. The 1st camp is during this Ramadan:


Venue              Latifa Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Date                11th July, 2014 Friday

Time                10:00 – 12:00 Hrs


We humbly request all to participate yourself and also spread the word as much you can. During Ramadan, requirement of blood increases many folds as less people offer blood due to prolong fasting.


Please contact Mr. Uttam Bhatia for any query you may have.

+971 50 53 44 103 / +971 55 445 3454

Guru Poornima at Manav Bhawan Dubai

Sri M said…..

“The most important sadhana here is to worship the Guru, look at Him, meditate upon Him, and also follow the teachings that He has given, the most important of which is to consider all other living beings as part of yourself, because, if you don’t have that, then all this worshiping is of no use”


As you may be aware, coming 12th July 2014 is the day when we celebrate Guru Poornima. There is a grand event being held in Madanpallie and many people are gathering to take Master’s blessings on this special occasion. For those of us who will be here in UAE, let us meet at Manav Bhavan on Saturday6pm sharp. The tentative schedule will be as following:

1. 6 pm – watching Master’s talk on a previous Guru Purnima

2. 6.45 pm – meditation

3. 7.15 pm – bhajans

4. 7.45 pm –Prasad

5. 8.30 disperse silently

Please feel free to bring your offering of Prasad but would appreciate if you keep Rekka (050 478 2014) in the loop so we do not end up with too much of food/ same food. 

Sri Gurbhyo Namaha

Rekha & Param

p.s.See you all on Friday for mediation.

Invitation: Launch of Peace Education Program & evening of Sufi Music

All are cordially invited to the
Launch of
Peace Education Programme
Walk of Hope  & Manav Ekta Mission
Jalandhar, on May 03, 2014

by Sri M
in the presence of distinguished dignitaries.

Time: 09:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Please stay back to attend an evening of

Sufi Music & Kabir Bhajans
Prahlad Tipanya
A Folk Singer

Time: 06:00 – 08:30 PM

Venue: Cambridge International School for Girls, Jalandhar

RSVP: tsf.jalandhar@gmail.com

Note: If you are joining the retreat at Jalandhar, please make your travel plans such that you are able to attend the launch programme in the morning on May 03, 2014.


Prahlad Tipanya is a voice of peace. He sings and explains the words of Kabir in a distinct Malwi folk style of Madhya Pradesh. Prahladji credits the five-strings of the Tamboura for luring him into the world of Kabir at the age of 24. Unlike many others in his area, who inherited singing as a family tradition, Prahladji is self-taught. He learnt this tradition of singing Kabir’s poetry by attending all-night bhajans, common in villages across Madhya Pradesh.


He has performed since 1980 on All India Radio stations in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Patna, Lucknow and Kanpur, and is the recipient of several awards. In 2003 his troupe performed in the UK, and also toured the US for over two months. Today, he is seen as one of the most soulful instruments’ responsible for bringing Kabir back into every household in the Malwa region, in Madhya Pradesh.

A troupe of seven or eight with a tamboura, kartal, manjira, dholak, harmonium, timki and violin (introduced by Prahladji to bhajan mandalis) is all it takes to set the stage for a powerful social dialogue through music. His concerts do more than entertain, they instill Kabir’s message of spirituality, oneness and love in every heart that’s instantly captivated by his voice.