The Heart Symphony Concert with Krishna Das – 26th April 2014



Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share the details of the The Heart Symphony Concert with Krishna Das which will be held on 26th April @ 6.00pm at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School, Oud Metha, please see the attached flyer. Also visit the Facebook page for more details and regular updates on the event. Ticket sales for the event start on 6th March.


In addition, we will be hosting a “Workshop with Krishna Das” on 25th April at 2pm. Seats are limited for this event. Please email to to register your interest.


We will again donate all the profits of the concert towards supporting a charity called Ganga Prem Hospice based in Rishikesh, India. With generous support from all of you for the Krishna Das concert last year, we were able to donate Dhs 40,000 to Ganga Prem Hospice.


Ganga Prem Hospice is a unique non-profit organization that provides physical, emotional and spiritual support to end-of-life cancer patients. We have been associated with them for a long time now and the service that they are doing is amazing, especially with the limited resources that they have. We have been very touched by the devotion, selfless attitude and the desire of their entire team to serve the sick and needy people. Ganga Prem Hospice is now in the process of building a 50 bed hospital for cancer patients for which they need financial support. They already have  a financial grant from BHEL, India to the tune of INR 35 million but more is needed. Please visit their website and extend your support to their contribution to humanity.


Please also visit the following youtube links:



Please contact the following for tickets:

Rohit Anand    : 050 3856081
Sarika Kapur   : 052 8482140
Aspen Yemen  : 050 8733545
Samad            : 050 7850559
Saba               : 050 5726791

We appreciate and thank you for your support.

With love & gratitude,

Rohit & Sarika


“The Heart Symphony with Krishna Das” Dubai Concert
+971 52 8482140, +971 50 3856081



Retreat with Sri M at The Peepal Grove School, Sadum



20th December, Friday – 22nd December, Sunday – 2013

Welcome to a three day retreat with Sri M at The Peepal Grove School.

Located in a quiet valley with gentle breezes and warm sunshine; it is an ideal setting for meditation and quiet reflection

Check in – 3PM (20th December)

Check Out – 9AM latest (23rd December)

Registration on first come first served basis.


Accommodation (180 members) – Dormitories only (Elderly participants will be provided a twin sharing accommodation in the Guest house. Only four rooms are available in the Guest House).


Contact Persons:

The Peepal Grove School: Mrs Vrinda.M.Naidoo (9440584908)

Bangalore   : Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar (9538744188)


Tentative Schedule:

20 / 12/2013 

  • 6.30 PM Meditation & Bhajans
  • 7.30 PM Dinner

21/12/2013 &-    22/12/13

  • 6 AM Meditation
  • 6.30 AM Yoga
  • 7 AM Walk
  • 7.30 AM Break Fast
  • 9 AM Satsang
  • 11-12.30 PM Group Meetings
  • 4 PM Satsang
  • 6.30 PM Meditation& Bhajans
  • 8 PM Dinner

Cost of Retreat: Rs.6000/-(all inclusive + with Driver Accommodation)

There would be no fee for children below the age of 12.


For Registrations:

Step I: E-mail with the details given below:

Details are as follows:

1 Name
2 Gender: Male/Female (M/F)
3 Age
4 Mobile #
5 Email ID
6 Date & Time of arrival
7 Date & Time of departure
8 Lunch on 20/12/2013(Yes/No)
9 Breakfast on 23/12/13(Yes/No)
10 Driver Accommodation – (Yes/No)


Step II

Once you register you will receive an email with your registration #. Within one week of receiving your registration number, you will have to make an advance payment. Payment details will be provided along with your registration number.

Cancellation: The advance amount would not be returned in case there is a cancellation.  However, if the cancelled participants are able to provide replacements, the amount would be adjusted towards these registrations.

Kindly bring along –

1. Pillow

2. Blanket

3. Warm Clothes   (As Temperatures can go low)

4. Torch

5. Shoes or comfortable footwear for walk

6. Basic first aid is available but special       medication has to be brought along.

Temperatures Expected: 12?C (at night) -25?C (during day)