Thank You

Satsang Vidyalaya Child Sponsorship was well received and UAE chapter has made contributions in a significant manner. This success is a result of your warm heart and untiring efforts by Shiba & Ayyub ji. Our salutes to to you.

Here are some pictures of a recent visit to the school which Ayyub ji had shared.

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Help Educate a Child

Sri M with Children

In 1999, Sri M procured a plot of land in Nakaladinne, a tribal settlement on the outskirts of Madanapalle. One day while on a walk, he saw kids wandering in the nearby fields grazing cattle. He had his trademark friendly chat with them and was dismayed to find they weren’t enrolled in any school!

On further prodding, he found out that the community was indeed willing to educate their children but lacked the opportunities or the means for doing so. This proved to be enough of a catalyst for Sri M. Along with a friend and a modest sum of capital he started a free school primarily for the local community kids – with free hot-lunch for all the students.

Students sponsorship

This initiative has proven to be profoundly transformative for a community that is completely and totally isolated from the rest of civic life and society due to many prevailing social constraints. After more than a decade of not uninterrupted schooling, Satsang Vidyalaya is well on its way to becoming a model school implementing the all important “Right to Education” philosophy in the local state of Andhra Pradesh.

Our vision is to enhance the capability of students to be on par with mainstream educational standards. As part of this project for upgradation of the school, teacher training is being conducted by best-in-class professionals. The school team comprises Director (Education) and qualified teaching staff dedicated to serving the less fortunate and living by the founder’s philosophy of selfless service. We need heartfelt contribution from you for upgrading the standard of the Satsang Vidyalaya.


I would Like to Help Educate Children

Click on the link above and it will download a pledge form.  Print it, Fill it and send it to us at You can pay in INR, AED, USD or any other currency. We will send this contribution collectively.