Retreat Registration Ending

Sri M

Registration will close on 20th January 2017 as shared earlier. If you have not registered yet and wish to attend, time is running out. Please note, discussing your queries does not register you for the event.

New registration requires your full name, age, gender, email address, contact number, city you will come from. When you give me all details requested, you help me to be efficient. Don’t make me assume, type it 🙂

If you have sent email for Registration and not received confirmation email yet, please contact me directly by phone, whatsapp, sms or email.

We are close to finalizing the retreat venue. We will notify you once done. Resorts in consideration are based in Fujairah & Ras Al Khaima.

If you have already registered and due to change in plan, wish to cancel, please advise us urgently. We commit booking to Resort, based on registered numbers and liable to pay.

Retreat payment can be handed over to me at Manav Bhawan during Friday Satsang. For alternate arrangements, you can contact me (phone & whatsapp) on my mobile number 055 44 53 455.

We are reconsidering, to allow family participation, with children. If you are looking for such option, please contact me. Ensuring that main event does not get disturbed, hopefully we can find a way.

Since the retreat is during working days and you may arrive on 27th February 17 by evening and can leave before the retreat ends (on 1st March 17 night). In this manner, 2 days leave from work (28th & 1st).

For those planning to fly into UAE for Retreat and need Visit Visa Assistance or Local Hotel Booking before and after retreat, or for tourism purpose, can contact M/s Monsoon Whispers Travels & Tours LLC on Office +91 4 255 2931 Mobile +971 56 5266189 or with subject mentioning “Yoga and Holistic Living Retreat“.

If you will need assistance for Transport, we will coordinate this aspect closer to the date for retreat.

Sri Gurubhyo Namah:


UAE Retreat Registration


(Smitha with Guruji at last retreat in Al Ain 2014)

Hello Friends,

Further from my last post, Retreat will start on 27th Feb 2017 and will end on 2nd March 2017. Yes, all working days so book your holidays and set your calendar. The cost of retreat is AED 1500 per person.

Many of you have already sent the registration request and have received confirmation. If you have not yet registered, closing date for registration is 20th January 2017. New registration requires your full name, age, gender, email address, contact number, city you will come from to If you have already sent registration and receive confirmation email back, please do not re-send. If you have not received reply to your registration email, please contact me.

Last date for payment is 5th February 2017.

Retreat payment can be handed over to me at Manav Bhawan during Friday Satsang. For alternate arrangements, you can contact me (phone & whatsapp) on my new mobile number 055 4453455. My old number continues to work but without data, in case you didn’t get reply, now you know 🙂

Please note, this is Live-in retreat and day boarding & children are not permitted. For those who are unable to make it to retreat, will be able to meet Master once he returns from retreat to Dubai. These details will be shared as get finalized.

For those who have not visited Manav Bhawan so far,

All details are given on above post. For future updates, you can subscribe to this blog.

Friday Meditation at Manav Bhawan

We meet at Manav Bhawan every Friday 9:00 am. We watch one of Master’s talk for 45 minutes, Meditate (you can practice whatever meditation you follow) for 45 minutes, some bhajans, prasaad distribution and we finish by 11:00 am normally. All are welcome to join in. For prasaad, participant can bring any food item they wish to put for offering during this event. This is optional.

Kindly note all aforementioned events are for spiritual purpose, holistic living and not for any sort of commercial / personal promotion.

UAE Retreat


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Hello Friends,

After a long break, I am back and sharing my thoughts on the blog again.

Lot has happened since I posted last. I am not sure but some may find way in some future posts. Now, first things first.

Master has agreed to visit UAE and we have been given dates 27th Feb 2017 for his arrival and 3rd March 2017 for his return. We are working out the details for the events and will keep you posted on those here as much as possible.

Those interested to participate for planned retreat can send their registration details as below:

Name, Gender, Age, City you are coming from, email address, contact number

Email these details to

Warm Regards


Live Coverage

flag off

Dear Friend,

We are delighted to inform you that the Flag Off ceremony of The Walk of Hope 2015-16 will be streamed live from Kanyakumari. Just a click away, log on to

From 9.30 a.m. onwards on 12th January 2015.

All events will be brought to you as they happen till Sri M sets off on his padayatra on Day 1 from Kanyakumari to Nagercoil, at 3.05 p.m

We are putting in our best efforts to ensure that you have a glitch-free experience.