Sri M’s Birthday – 6th Nov 14 – Dubai




Date: Thursday 6th November 2014

Occasion: Master’s Birthday

Venue : Manav Bhawan,  Apt No 105, Shaikh Khalifa Building, Behind Zuleikha Hospital, Al Nahda, Dubai.

Venue location

GPS Coordinates: 25°17’39.9″N 55°23’03.7″E

 Timing: Starting at Sharp 19:00 hrs and expect it to end in 2 hours

Plan : Pray – Sing – Eat (ya I know it sound familiar 🙂

Option 1: You can bring something that you love to eat as offering. Post prayer, we will share.

Option 2: Test your vocal chords with us.

Option 3: Do you play some musical instrument? Bring it on.

Please share with friends and family, in case they are not registered to receive this email and apologies if you are receiving it multiple times ( You must have used 1 email id for more than 1 person)

Late comers will be disturbing the people who reach on time and are meditating. Sorry, I had to be specific.

See you all. Please note its 1900.


Sri Gurubhyo Namah:


Manav Bhawan Location Map

location map


Address: Apt No 105, First Floor, Shaikh Khalifa Building, Al Nahda, Dubai. (Road Behind Zuleikha Hospital, third left where you see Shams Super Market, Building next on the right, G+4, beige color is the building). It is a normal residential building, it does not have any name put on it.

You can locate the place by going to

Put the below coordinate in the search bar and click on the image. It will show you the location.


Hope this helps.

Friday Meditation 25-01-13 @ Manav Bhawan


Dear Friends,

Here comes another Friday. In fact the last Friday before Master arrives. As usual, lets meet at Manav Bhawan.

For those who are new, we meet every Friday morning at 0900 hrs at Manav Bhawan, read / watch something for 15 minutes. We do little Pranayam which leads us into meditation for about 30 minutes. After which we do a little Bhajans and Prassad is distributed. Usually we disperse by 1100 hrs.

Address: Apt no 105, Khalifa Building, Next to jabal Al Shams Supermarket,  Al Nahda, Behind Zuleikha Hospital, Dubai.

This is year round activity and is open to public.


Manav Bhavan map